Project Details

  • Construction Date

    July 2013

Project Description

Known locally as “the castle on the hill”, the Cardozo Education Campus’ iconic building was designed by architect William B. Ittner in 1877.The school started as the Advanced Grammar School for Boys but was then combined with a local girls’ program to form Washington High School, the first high school in the city. In 1890 the campus was divided into three schools, thus making Washington High School known as Central High School. Up until 1949 it was known as Central High School but was renamed when the school district assigned it for “colored” students in the segregated system. The school was named after clergyman, politician and educator Francis Lewis Cardozo, who was also the principal from 1884 until 1896.

Plans to restore Cardozo Education Campus began in 2011 with UBER’s masonry scope beginning in 2013, which included the removal and inspection of large limestone water tables, removal and inspection of an assortment of masonry arches and accents, as well as the inspection of structural steel elements. In addition, extensive work was done to patch the historic limestone panels and entry ways.