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The Patterson Mansion is a historic beaux-arts style mansion located in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., built by Robert Wilson Patterson, editor of the Chicago Tribune newspaper, in 1903. The mansion was used by Patterson and his family for entertaining until his death in 1910. In 1927, the home was temporary housing for then President Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, while the White House was undergoing renovations. It was during this time that Charles Lindbergh, recently returned from his non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, was a guest of the Coolidges. Some of the most iconic photos of Lindbergh were taken atop the 2nd-story balcony of the Patterson Mansion.

In 2016, the mansion began its transition into luxury apartments, boasting 92 mini-apartments, with shared living space, an on-site chef providing meals, meeting space, a private wine cellar, and a fully-staffed private bar in the mansion’s ballroom. UBER cleaned and restored interior marble surfaces including mantles, flooring, walls, stairs and baseboards, refinished original cementitious terrazzo flooring, and installed new terrazzo flooring to match the original. Work also included replacement of damaged granite curbs, installation of granite cladding on the addition, and pinning repair of a historic marble bench.