We are UBER, United Building Envelope Restoration, LLC., a subsidiary of United Masonry Incorporated of Virginia. As a leading innovative firm in the building envelope restoration industry, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our clients. We are known in the industry for our craftsmanship, efficient project management and enhanced customer service. We are especially proud of our reputation for a stewardship approach to historic and modern structures, delivering to our clients on projects covering the rehabilitation, restoration, preservation and reconstruction of structural, load-bearing and veneer-based exterior facades.

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United Building Envelope Restoration (UBER) is a fully licensed, bondable class “A” contractor and is a subsidiary of United Masonry, Inc. UBER is a full service contractor with expertise in all aspects of exterior building renovations. Our projects range from historical work to general repair and building modernization. We specialize in air barriers, caulking, cleaning, masonry, concrete repair or replacement, and water infiltration and mitigation. UBER partners with architects, general contractors, structural engineers and other design professionals to provide the capacity or mastering turn key design and operations.


UBER is a specialty contractor dedicated to exterior building envelope and renovation requirements. We specialize in the rehabilitation, restoration, preservation and reconstruction of structural, load bearing and veneer based exterior facades.


At UBER we understand that not all contractors have the same capabilities, knowledge or abilities to perform what they promise. Our vision is to provide the UBER experience! You not only hire a contractor, you hire a partner with a proven history of completing difficult and sensitive projects with customer satisfaction.