Maintaining the Integrity of the Building

Prevention of the penetration of water/moisture into and through the facade of a structure is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of the building. UBER provides the expertise and staffing to identify and remedy such problems, including repairing and undoing work that was either poorly designed or inexpertly executed when the structure was built or renovated. Application of the appropriate sealants and coatings to joints and processes which are properly designed and installed can significantly improve the structure’s integrity and reduce future expenditures for repair.

Sealant Placement

Seal penetrations/joints between construction elements are a critical part of the building envelope. Sealants will be selected for the type of joint (moving or non-moving) as well as for the materials being sealed, as well as for their ability to prevent water damage, concrete corrosion, structural steel damage and mold development.

Coating Applications

We provide a wide range of applications to address structural exteriors where waterproofing coatings are required. Available coating products will be matched to the specific materials utilized in the structure as well as to the age of the structure, weather conditions and other variables of use and condition.

Leak Investigations

UBER provides comprehensive leak investigation services. These include a detailed analysis of the leak, including an assessment of damage to structural and non-structural materials, including any potential structural failure, determination of root causes for the leak, whether due to design issues, original installation or subsequent repair, sealant failure, as well as flashing failure or design flaws. Repair or remediation plans will be developed for consideration by the client.

Flashing Upgrades

Many modern structures face challenges regarding water/moisture penetration through the facade, often a few years after their completion. There can be several reasons, including unsealed flashing laps or flashings that are cut back behind the face of the exterior brick. UBER has experience in identifying and addressing these problems and can provide upgrades to a building’s flashings to correct these flaws and secure both the exterior and interior of the structure.