Building Access

A good many of the projects which we have completed, both for historic and modern structures, involve active buildings, where people are conducting business on a daily basis. The UBER team is quite accomplished at designing and providing safe entry and egress for the individuals visiting the building. In addition, we utilize mitigation techniques whereby our craftsmen and supervisors keep any interruptions to the site’s ‘business as usual’ atmosphere to a minimum.

Facade Inspections

We provide a complete testing service for building envelopes. This includes but is not limited to cladding systems, curtain walls, windows, doors, roofing systems and space frames. These inspections include an assessment of any damage, discoloration or functional deficiencies. Our specialists will visually inspect and test pointing, joints and seals and will open for internal inspection any potentially problematic areas. Detailed reports and repair proposals, where appropriate, will be provided to the client.

Leak Investigations

UBER provides comprehensive leak investigation services. These include a detailed analysis of the leak, including an assessment of damage to structural and non-structural materials, including any potential structural failure, determination of root causes for the leak, whether due to design issues, original installation or subsequent repair, sealant failure, as well as flashing failure or design flaws. Repair or remediation plans will be developed for consideration by the client.

A/E Support

When necessary UBER can provide architectural/engineering support to the client, within appropriate guidelines for institutional and/or governmental projects.